viernes, 29 de mayo de 2009


The olive tree is traditionally Mediterranean specie adapted for the climate of the zone. It's a specie presented in the landscape of the Iberian Peninsula like an other element in the Mediterranean ecosystem and in the culture.
It's sensitive to the frosts, but it can support 10 Cº under zero. High temperatures are damagind during the flowering period. The olive trees development it's better in zones with abundant rains, between 600-800 mm/year.


The olive tree flowers arrange in bunches of 10 to 40 flowers. The pollination of the stamens consist in the trasference of pollen contained in others stamens of a flower to the stigma of the same flower, or more frequently in the olive to other flowers.

- The "veceria"In the olive tree happens a phenomenon called "veceria" (spanish) that it consists that in one year of abundant harvest of olive, the next will have a small harvest. We don't know the cause that it produce it, and that it's the reason why we haven't got a strategy to control it.- The fruitThe fruit of the olive tree is the olive. In the olive you can distinguish the next parts:- The stalk- The flesh- The bone- The stone- The seedThe olive changes her colurs the time that it grows. First it is a intense green and at the same time it grows it changes the colous, finally it is a bluish black colour.

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